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Diamond's Magic Island Tampa

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Virtual shows every Saturday starting between 9 and 10 pm Coming to you from 4913 Bay Crest Dr Tampa Fl 33615 Comments from people that came to our shows:

Rex Mantooth

5 stars

Peter Diamond is the best up close magician I have ever seen. He and his dazzling assistant Ruby Diamond will give you the most fun evening you've had in a long time.

Chris Wilson

5 stars

I've seen quite a few magicians in Vegas and Los Angeles and this was amazing. Peter Diamond was incredibly impressive, this isn't your average magic show, these are incredible demonstrations of slight of hand like I've never seen. Highly recommended and I will bring people back.

Denise Holly

5 stars

Had a great Saturday evening date tonight at Peter Diamond's Magic Island Tampa! This intimate venue ... allowed for small talk with Peter, Ruby and other guests before, during, and after this wonderful magic show. Peter dazzled us with his close-up work during our meal (we both had Cubans that were very good) and then the stage show started at 7. John was thrilled to volunteer on a couple of tricks as you can see from the pictures posted on this page. Shows are on Friday and Saturday evenings and the place is extremely easy to get in and out of on West Kennedy so make it a point to go. You will not be disappointed!

Ken Robbins

5 stars

Amazing, funny, and always something new! Never disappointed.

Caridad Mora

5 stars

What a good show! He tied old classic magic tricks with new ones.

Juan Andrés Alzate Restrepo

5 stars

Had a great time. Awesome talent, great food, miojitos, magic. Very enjoyable evening.

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Dr. Peter Love Diamond is a World Famous Night Club Magician He worked at the Magic Castle in Holywood entertaining Celebrities and other magicians for ten years and has his caricature on the Wall of Fame at The Magic Castle Academy of Magical Arts. Other venues - Improvs, Comedy clubs, Las Vegas shows at the Stardust and Las Vegas Hilton. Corporate events for B of A, Microsoft, Marshall and Swift,Scherwinn-Williams, many Law firms, performing at User Conventions, Hospitality Suites and Trade shows. Countless restaurants and nightclubs including weekly at Casita del Campo in Siiverlake, CA for seven years. Diablo in Los Angeles, In Tampa he has worked at Gaspars Grotto for twelve years, He performed at the Honeypot in Ybor City doing his Stage Show and was the House Magician for 8 years at the G-bar. He was the house magician at Pastinos in Largo for 4 years. He was the house magician at Castaways (Now Whiskey Pete's) for two years at Sunday Brunch.

A Trick from the close-up Magic portion of the show:

Special Guest Hugh Turley from opening night: